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a little about me

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In everyday life, there exists little moments that may seem insignificant. These brief excerpts though, are the most intimate; they are when we are the most vulnerable, the most ourselves, and the most human. Whenever I pick up a camera, I aim to capture these moments in every portrait, every wedding, and every event.  I look for them everywhere too: eating out at a restaurant, riding the bus, and even in myself.

I've been professionally photographing for about five years now with a degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. While Cinema and filmmaking will always hold a special place my heart, photography has been right there with it. I enjoy hanging out in the fog, rewatching The Office, and spending time with my two cats Matilda and Sofia. 


I try not to take myself too seriously with anything that i do. I love working out, used to be a beer girl now turned seltzer lady (thanks gluten intolerance), and would never turn down the opportunity for some time on a lake. 

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